Immigration Physical

If you are required to undergo an immigration medical exam, it must be conducted by a physician designated by USCIS which is also known as a Civil Surgeon. Fresno Medical Center is proud to announce that Dr. Gurmej Dhillon is a designated Civil Surgeon. According to the USCIS website, Civil surgeons must perform the immigration medical examination according to the Technical Instructions for the Medical Examinations of Aliens in the United States (Technical Instructions or TIs), published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia. These Technical Instructions include:

  • The Technical Instructions for Medical Examinations of Aliens in the U.S. (1991);
  • The Tuberculosis (TB) Component of the Technical Instructions for the Medical Examination of Aliens in the U.S. 2008 (effective May 1, 2008);
  • Adjustment of Status for U.S. Permanent Residence Requirements: Technical Instructions for Vaccinations 2009 (effective Dec.14, 2009);
  • 2010 Technical Instructions for Mental Disorders and Substance Abuse for Civil Surgeons (effective June 1, 2010);
  • 2013 Technical Instructions for Syphilis and Hansen’s Disease (effective January 1, 2013); and
  • Any updates to the documents listed above as published on CDC’s website.

Each of these documents and updates can be obtained from CDC’s website.

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